The Latimer House Toolkit

The Commonwealth Principles (Latimer House) on the Three Branches of Government(including the Latimer House Guidelines on Parliamentary Supremacy and Judicial Independence, the Nairobi Plan of Action for Africa and the Edinburgh Plan of Action for the Development and Implementation of the Commonwealth Latimer House Principles) were debated and adopted by Heads of Government in Abuja in 2003, and – in being so – they greatly strengthened the existing body of beliefs and goals of this organisation, as set down in Singapore in 1971, Harare in 1991, and Millbrook in 1995.

This project aims to devise a learning toolkit for parliamentarians, judges and government officials.

In February 2013, CLEA together with the CLA, CMJA and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) were commissioned by the Commonwealth Secretariat, to draft a Latimer House Dialogue Toolkit.  As Secretary General of the CMJA, Dr Karen Brewer was appointed as Project Manager for the Toolkit as well as taking on some of the duties of the Project Programme Director.  The Latimer House Working Group has now submitted the Toolkit to the Commonwealth Secretariat and it is hoped that this will form the basis of future workshops between the three branches of governments in countries which have experienced problems in implementing the Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles.

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