The British Overseas Territories Human Rights Capacity Building Project

In 2007 the CLEA commenced work on this four-year collaborative project with the Commonwealth Foundation and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. Funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DfID), The project seeks to enhance the observance of human rights in the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean, Pacific and South Atlantic in a manner consistent with international standards. Following the dissemination of the preliminary report on the legal framework in each of the territories, the project coordinators undertook consultations with stakeholders in the territories. Project plans and training schedules were compiled in response to the consultations. Since June 2009 the first phase of Human Rights Awareness training have been conducted in Pitcairn, St Helena, Ascension and the Falklands with customized curricula devised by CLEA and CHRI. The response of stakeholders has been very positive and the second phase which encompasses Human Rights Advocacy Training, Treaty Body Reporting under the UN Human Rights Conventions and National Human Rights Institutions. In addition the territories are being encouraged to apply for Technical Assistance under the aegis of the project to progress compliance with international human rights standards and to apply under the Challenge Fund for specific projects to be undertaken by stakeholders relating to enhancement of human rights within the territories. The next phase of the project will be assistance with International Networking and legislative drafting to bring individual territories in line with their commitments under the relevant UN Conventions CEDAW and ICCPR.

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