Summer 2016
Special edition call for conference papers
Student essay competition opens

Spring 2016
CLEA Conference in Australia
New Commonwealth Secretary-General

Autumn 2015
CLEA 2017 Conference alert
MOOCs for online learning

Summer 2015
Report on the Glasgow Conference
Re-launch of Journal

Volume 114 (August 2014)
Focus on Virtual Worlds and Legal Education

Volume 113 (November 2013)
Focus on the crisis in Sri Lanka

Volume 112 (November 2012)
Focus on South Africa; Focus on Malaysia

Volume 111 (March 2012)
Focus on Sri Lanka; Focus on Canada

Volume 110 (November 2011)
Focus on Rwanda; Focus on Australia

Volume 109 (January 2011)
Report: Human Rights Capacity Building Project

Volume 108 (June 2010)
Report: British Overseas Territories Project on Human Rights

Volume 107 (February 2010)
Feature: 60th Anniversary speech delivered by Sir Sridath Ramphal

Volume 106 (August 2009)
Feature: Keynote address on Human Rights and Good Governance

Volume 105 (March 2009)
Article: British Overseas Territories Project on Human Rights

Volume 104 (September 2008)
Report: Latimer House Colloquium in Edinburgh

Volume 103 (2008)

Volume 102 (February 2007)
Feature: Developing CLEA curriculum projects

Volume 101 (August 2006)
Article: The UN Convention Against Corruption

Volume 100 (February 2006)
Article: Developing Legal Education in the Commonwealth

Volume 99 (June 2005)

Volume 98 (March 2005)

Volume 97 (October 2004)

Volume 96 (October 2004)

Volume 95 (February 2004)

Volume 94 (October 2003)

Volume 93 (June 2003)

Volume 92 (February 2003)

Volume 91 (October 2002)

Volume 90 (June 2002)

Volume 89 (February 2002)

Volume 88 (October 2001)

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