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(18 April 2018)

Platforms and testing


Virtual Workshop 2018

CLEA are pleased to announce their inaugural virtual workshop.  This will be a small pilot workshop designed to assess the feasibility of holding a larger conference or workshop and to evaluate the possibility of hosting a virtual moot in the future.  CLEA have traditionally held a biennial conference and so this workshop will fill the gap in even numbered years.

The workshop theme is “Online mooting – how can students participate remotely?” This theme will focus on lowering the physical barriers for small or remote law schools to encourage participation in virtual activities.  The workshop will also consider how prepared law students are for entering a professional world where, increasingly, client counselling and witnesses giving evidence can take place remotely.

Call for hosts and presenters

The workshop will take place on one or more online platforms.  CLEA invite small groups of academics to assemble physically and engage with the workshop as a group.  This will allow for local discussion to take place face-to-face as well as participating in the virtual workshop.

Presenters will also be invited to consider submitting an original journal article or a shorter commentary on innovation and best practice in legal education to our Journal the Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education.


This event will be free to attend, but as this is a pilot event, numbers will be restricted to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

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The programme will be announced in 2018.  It is envisaged that the virtual workshop will take place for a half-day.  CLEA would like to encourage small groups to meet physically to join the workshop and then spend the remaining portion of the day in face-to-face discussions either preceding or following the workshop.

Platforms and pre-event connection testing

The workshop will use AdobeConnect and possibly other platforms to host the workshop.  A connection test will be held post-registration and again in the immediate run-up to the workshop to check that participants can access the virtual environment.

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