2015 Commonwealth Student Moot

The fourteenth Commonwealth Moot was held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 12th April to 15th April 2015, in conjunction with the 19th Commonwealth Law Conference (CLC).

The winning team were from Canada, Samuel Greene (Senior Counsel), Ada Chidichimo Keon (Junior Counsel) and Joseph Bricker (Reserve) representing the University of Toronto.

The CLEA are grateful to The Hon. Madam Justice Desiree Barnard, the first female judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice, The Hon. The Chief Justice Mr Ivor Archie of the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago and Hon. Justice Rohini Marasinghe of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka for juding the Moot Final.

The Commonwealth Moot is an initiative of the Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA). It is an ‘invitation-only’ Moot, being limited to representative teams from regions of the Commonwealth only. The regions, for the this purpose, are; North America, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, South Asia (India), South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), South East Asia, Western Africa , Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Australasia (Australia and New Zealand send separate teams), and the South Pacific.

The teams that represent the regions are nominated by the CLEA representatives who base their nominations on the results of the continental, regional or national moot competitions involving Commonwealth countries in their regions.

It has been the tradition that, wherever the competition is held, the local Law Society plays a major role in organising the venues, the judges, and the accommodation for the visiting teams so that the entire competition runs smoothly. A significant feature of the Commonwealth Moot has been the willingness of members of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and associated organisations, who attend the Commonwealth Law Conference, to readily forego their valuable time to judge the moots of the competition. This willingness shown by the senior members of the Commonwealth Bar and the Judiciary sets the Commonwealth Moot apart from other moots. There are very few international mooting competitions in which the bench judging the finals, more often than not, consists of Chief Justices from countries, provinces and states across the Commonwealth.

Moot Teams
The teams that are competing in the 2015 Moot will be:

Australia and New Zealand
The highest placed teams in the Australian Law Students’ Association Moot.
The highest placed teams in the New Zealand Law Students’ Association Moot.

Western Africa, Southern Africa and Eastern Africa
The highest placed Commonwealth member country in the respective region as decided by the All Africa Human Rights Moot Court Competition.

United Kingdom
The winners of the English Speaking Union’s National Mooting Competition.

North America (Canada) 
The winner of the Gale Cup Moot.

South Asia (India)
The winners of the national competition conducted by the CLEA Indian Chapter.

South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka)
The winner of the regional competition.

Past Winners
Presently the teams compete for the shield formerly known as the ‘Turnbull Shield’ and now generally referred to as the ‘Commonwealth Shield’.

The winning nations and years as listed on the shield are:
1983 (in Hong Kong) – Australia
1986 (in Jamaica) – United Kingdom
1990 (in New Zealand) – United Kingdom
1993 (in Cyprus) – Canada
1996 (in Canada) – Australia
1999 (in Malaysia) – South Africa
2001 (in Sri Lanka) – United Kingdom
2003 (in Australia) – United Kingdom
2005 (in United Kingdom) – Canada
2007 (in Kenya) – Australia
2009 (in Hong Kong) – South Africa
2011 (in India) – Sri Lanka
2013 (in South Africa) – United Kingdom

For the Moot Rules, Moot Problem and the Registration Form, please see the links in the left section at the top of this page. For details of the venue for the Moot, visit the Commonwealth Law Conference website, although moot competitors need not register as delegates for the Commonwealth Law Conference.

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