Problems after graduating with a law degree

Paper presented at the 2015 CLEA Conference in Glasgow

Rabia Saeed
University College Islamabad

The basic theme of my research paper has been drawn from my personal experiences while teaching the undergraduate laws programme of the University of London’s International Programmes .I would like to share a few of my observations .I have been teaching for a number of years now, and the biggest concern which students have is, ‘what would I do after I graduate’ ? .To highlight how this question would be answered , in a country like Pakistan , there are numerous challenges which a student has to face , such as there are no post graduation training courses which can prepare them for the practical work like litigating in the courts , which is a major obstacle for the students who have studied a foreign degree. As they do not know what the local laws and what the court structure is , which brings them to grass root level of learning first before practically being a part of the legal system .Although this is a major plus point for one to have a foreign degree but the lack of any practical application of their knowledge is a big concern for many graduates , and the majority of law schools do not provide any such courses which will help in post graduation skill development .I believe if there are some courses provided for skill development of legal profession it would play a pivotal rule in reforming the students life after they graduate .The teaching institutions should be motivated to conduct activities like law moots , career counseling and skill development for the students .
The other difficulty I want to underline is that the students once they graduate , they do not have any idea relating to continuing legal education, which is a very important aspect of career growth for a field like law . They do not know differentiation between BVC , LPC and LLM,due to which they are not able to make the appropriate choice. This is mainly because of lack of information available for them to understand the importance of each of the qualification. There are very few institutions in Pakistan which offer the students an opportunity to study for the LLM programme offered by the University of London International Programmes . Although the UOL is offering diverse courses and specializations which is a favourable opportunity for students to pursue a post graduate law degree , but the issue with these institutions is that they only offer students a limited number of courses , and specilsiations which acts as a strong deterring factor hence, they do not enroll for the LLM programme , and that they are not free to choose courses of their choice .So this serves to be a megalithic problem for students enrolling for the degree .
I have tended to emphasize on some of the problems faced by students after they graduate specially in a country like Pakistan. In my opinion these can only be resolved by making information accessible to students , while they are studying for their undergraduate law degree , so it makes it easier for them to improve their prospects relating either to continuing legal education or their skill development regarding the practice of law once they complete their degree.

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