Going Mobile: Internationalisation of Staff, Students and Subject

Paper presented at the 2013 CLEA Conference in Durban

Michael Bromby
Discipline Lead for Law
The Higher Education Academy, UK

In a recent report , The Higher Education Academy has published a review of the opportunities and challenges for internationalisation and mobility in Europe. Internationalisation is a broad term, and frequently used solely to refer to overseas recruitment rather than interpreted as an intercultural dimension of teaching, research and service functions.

This paper will look at the conference theme “Legal Education and Regional Cooperation in the Commonwealth and other common law countries” to review the opportunities and challenges presented by Sweeny as they might apply to legal education and in relation to the Commonwealth rather than discussed purely on a European level. Indeed, the conference theme emphasises the notion of regional cooperation and the report’s focus on Europe is but one region (albeit with a relatively low number of Commonwealth nations), and further thought can be given to both intra- and inter-regional cooperation elsewhere in the commonwealth and common law world.

Finally, this paper will explore further the concept of virtual mobility as a lower cost alternative to review whether this alternative to physical mobility can amount to an intercultural dimension. The formal taught curriculum and informal, extra-curricular activities will be presented to question the extent to which the internationalisation agenda meets the conceptual target of intercultural teaching for both staff and students.

Sweeny, S (2012) Going Mobile: Internationalisation, Mobility and the European Higher Education Area www.heacademy.ac.uk/
Knight, J (1994) Internationalisation: elements and checkpoints. Ottawa: Canadian Bureau for International Education

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