Patricia McKellar

PatriciaPatricia is a joint General-Secretary for CLEA, along with Michael Bromby.

Patricia is Associate Director for the Undergraduate Laws programme at the University of London. She drives the development and implementation of the learning, teaching and assessment strategy specifically in relation to the embedding of e-learning technologies and the development of an interactive learning environment. Her role requires her to visit many legal education institutions worldwide, but primarily in Commonwealth countries, and to have a global perspective on legal education. She also liaises with foreign legal regulatory authorities and government departments in connection with the delivery of legal education and capacity building. Prior to working at the University of London, Patricia was the Senior Learning & Teaching Advisor for the UK Centre for Legal Education (UKCLE) where her remit was to support and develop teaching and learning projects in legal education across the UK. This encompassed identifying, managing, advising on and mentoring projects funded by the Centre and other funding bodies (mainly JISC and HEFCE) and working with colleagues throughout the UK in developing project ideas. Patricia has been a member of BILETA Exec and the Secretariat for over ten years.

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