PDF version of the Model Curriculum


  1. Mutual Legal Assistance
  2. Extradition
  3. Anti Money Laundering Strategies and Proceeds of Crime

Model Transnational Crime Curriculum

The CLEA have published a Commonwealth Model Transnational Crime Curriculum for use in educational establishments across the Commonwealth.

Introduction: Objectives of the Curriculum


The Programme of Action of the Commonwealth Legal Education Association recognises the need to make legal education socially relevant and professionally useful and that one way of achieving this is to support the development of new law curricula. This goal is reflected in the current project which seeks to address a general concern on the part of the Association that the traditional law school curriculum is not designed to train lawyers for practice in a transnational legal world.
The course materials were originally prepared by Dianne Stafford and Kim Prost of the Commonwealth Secretariat, Criminal Law Unit, but have been updated and expanded by John Hatchard for this edition. The course deals with three subject areas:
• Mutual Legal Assistance;
• Extradition; and
• Proceeds of Crime.
The materials are designed for use in any Commonwealth jurisdiction. Thehope and expectation is that this will encourage and assist law teachers from around the Commonwealth to develop their own country-specific courses based on the materials or to include relevant material in their existing law courses. The materials can be used at both the academic and professional legal education levels. In addition, it is hoped that it will also encourage research and writing in a fascinating area of the law.

Please download the Commonwealth Transnational Crime Curriculum for full details.

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