The War against Corruption and Anti-Corruption Strategies in Nigeria: A Clinician’s Perspective

Paper presented at the 2013 CLEA Conference in Durban

Victoria Balogun-Fatokun
School of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg

To date, research and legal writers on corruption activities in organisations and developing countries focused primarily on problem antecedent of corruption. This article will examine the background of corruption activities in developing countries, particularly Nigeria and its impact on both the social and economic identity of the country. A legal clinic identity theory will be used to explain the mechanism that can be adopted by Commonwealth clinicians in Nigeria and beyond to teach learners about how to curb and thereby mitigate the spiral norm of corruption in Nigeria. The author will rely on both legal and social theories where permissible to pave a promising avenue for combatting corruption in developing countries including Nigeria. The question however is, how can law clinicians help combat corruption in countries and organisation that have been marred by corruption and corrupt officials?

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