New Journal Edition

A new edition of the Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education has been published and available from our website.

It is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal published in collaboration with the Open University School of Law and is the official journal of the Association.

Contents from this edition include:

A Tap into the Relationship Between Law and Economics in Resolving the Problems Associated with Cattle Grazing in Nigeria
Corruption and the Misuse of Public Office in the Commonwealth. The Preventative Role of Law Teachers in Nigeria and South Africa
Defining Legal Studies in Canada
Galvanising the Wholescale Adoption of Clinical Legal Education by Establishing Law Clinics in Nigerian Universities Law Faculties
Reflections on Practice and Recent Research to Enable Future Practitioners to Learn About Working Collaboratively Across Disciplines to Better Help the Community
Towards Effective Legal Writing in Nigeria

Opinion Pieces
Parliamentary Cannabalism
The Mass of Law

Professor Gary Slapper A Tribute

Book reviews
Legal Education at the Crossroads
Positivity and Practicality. Developing the Debate on Well-Being in Law

Previous editions can be accessed from the CLEA website.

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