The Commonwealth Moot 2013

The Commonweath Moot is a joint project organised by CLEA and held at the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) biennial conference.

This year, seven teams from around the globe are competing at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town. Each team has won a regional or national competition to qualify for this moot. The competing teams are from: Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka and UK.

During the conference, the teams have argued for the applicant and the respondent in two rounds of heats, judged by an international panel of moot judges from the conference.

Today, the semi finals will be held, and the final moot will take place. The competing teams are: Australia, Canada, India and UK. Follow out twitter feed @CLEA1971 to get instant updates and news as the day unfolds. The winner will be announced at the conference closing ceremony tomorrow.

Representing the National Law University Jodhpur are Shikar Saha (senior counsel) and Thomas Joy Vallianeth (junior counsel) who will argue the case for the applicant.


Representing Oxford Brookes University are Matthew Sellwood (senior counsel) and Daniele Selmi (junior counsel) who are currently studying at City University, who will argue the case for the respondent.


The moot teams will be facing an international bench in the “Commonwealth Court” and we are grateful to the judges for giving up their time at the conference to judge this moot competition. The bench comprises the following judges: Hon Chief Justice Ivor Archie (Trinidad and Tobago) in the chair, Hon Chief Justice Christopher Gardiner (Falkland Islands) and Hon Justice Sofia, High Court Judge (Tanzania).


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